Wine Jackets and More

The photos below are covering wine bottle but you don't have to give a bottle of wine to use this as a gift. They can be used to cover anything of a similar size/shape.  You can also special order jackets to fit other bottle sizes.  I recently made one for a 3 liter bottle. Contact me and we'll talk about what we can create together.
Full-sized photo. Please let me know which ones you'd like to see larger and I'll gladly send them to you. Yarn samples available for $1, deducted from your order.


001 Copper Glamor Sparkle

The photo can't express the glittery shimmer of this one.  It has a bright, copper-colored metallic strand wrapped around the copper/brown yarn   This color choice is great for any time of the year.  Think about Diamond--white yarn with silver sparkle--for a wedding or other event calling for white elegance.  Or, how about green or red for Christmas? 

If you'd like to see a sample of this yarn, they are available for $1 (which is deducted from your order) and are available for any of these jackets.  This one is available in copper, red, green, blue, white, and black. Details on the Pricing and Shipping page.
002 This is an especially soft Jacket primarily because of the 25% Bamboo content.  I loved working on this one.  OK, I love working on all of them but this one was particularly soft and comfortable.